Batman is coming to Fortnite, dataminers discover

Batman is coming to Fortnite, dataminers discover

Batman—yes, the Batman is coming to Fortnite, because we’ve got already finished Marvel,

Borderlands, the NFL, Jordan, so why no longer?Dexerto notes that Batman Day is September 21, & the very current v10.31

update appears to encompass a few very Batman-searching gadgets and one very massive trade to a part of the map.

It looks as if Epic Games and DC are looking to rejoice the caped crusader with an in-game event similar to previous promotions.

Longtime Fortnite dataminer Lucas7Yoshi

Longtime Fortnite dataminer Lucas7Yoshi mentioned that Tilted Town, certainly one of numerous rift zones across the map where the legal guidelines of fact get bent,

could be getting redesigned onceagain. Instead of the wild west motif, Tilted Town might rework into Gotham City, complete with gothic architecture perfect for jumping off of right into a p.C. Of goons.

Here’s an overhead view of the map

thru Lucas7Yoshi. From the overall design, it is pretty smooth to tell that it really is still the overall Tilted Town format

.New Batman-themed guns and gadgets also are coming, like an explosive batarang that homes in on gamers and sticks to walls.

If an enemy walks with the aid of unawares,

If an enemy walks with the aid of unawares, it’s going to explode.A Batman grappling gun is likewise coming, and even as it will likely paintings just like the plunger grappling gun, you get to put on a cape whilst flying round, that’s

additionally controlled to locate what seems like now not one, however Batman-themed gliders, a spray, and a brand new loading display as a way to probably tie into a new mission.

We haven’t visible something approximately new skins quite yet, but Lucas7Yoshi says there’s a ninety nine% hazard we get a girl

Batman character skin

Batman character skin.Make sure to test again with PC Gamer as soon as the event is surely stay for a complete rundown of the whole thing the Batman has to offer.

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