Borderlands 3 device necessities, settings, benchmarks

Borderlands 3 device necessities, settings, benchmarks, and overall performance analysis

It looks as if with Borderlands 3,

no matter seven years (and a raft of rival loot shooters) having passed when you consider that Borderlands 2,

Gearbox has stuck to its but-many-thousands and thousands of guns. (1 billion, we counted!) At its center, Borderlands three remains about ganging up with a few friends, extinguishing some thousand lives, &

merchandising machines

using the bodies as randomized loot merchandising machines.What has changed, fortuitously, is the tech. The bounce from Unreal Engine 3 to UE4 has introduced advanced lights

shadows, reflections, and consequences

shadows, reflections, and consequences to the series’ signature hand-drawn fashion, and publisher 2K has stated the complete recreation changed into “developed from the ground up” to take benefit of AMD’s most recent Radeon GPUs and 3rd-gen Ryzen CPUs.

Supports AMD’s FidelityFX suite

As such, it supports AMD’s FidelityFX suite, & significantly is going with out the DLSS and ray tracing functions offered by means of Nvidia RTX playing cards.

GPUs and CPU

Don’t fear too much if you’re on team Ge Force,  though: we’ve been testing Borderlands three across more than a few GPUs and CPUs, and it seems like it’ll run at least decently on any hardware. Yes, even the cheap stuff.

First, though, allow’s study the PC features list for Borderlands three.This is about as complete a list as we’ve seen. Ultrawide and doublewide are to be had, &

The FOV mechanically adjusts

The FOV mechanically adjusts to the broader resolutions (even though it nonetheless says ninety). HUD customizations also are to be had, underneath the Gameplay menu. That leaves mod aid as the strange guy out over again. Sigh.

Other highlights are the fully uncapped framerate, letting your GPU run wild and unfastened. On a 60Hz show, we also saw options for 30/60/a hundred and twenty caps,

whilst a 144 Hz show gave us even extra options (like seventy two and 24). You can adjust wonderful FOV settings for whether you are in FPS mode or using one among the sport’s many murder cars, & key bindings are completely customization.

A preference of walking

You even have a preference of walking in DX11 or DX12 modes. For now, it’s better to stick with DX11, as we bumped into multiple fairly main problems with DX12 mode. Even the retail launch maintains to act poorly with DX12.

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