Red Dead Online Fans Find Zombie, Think It’s an Undead Nightmare 2 Tease

Red Dead Online Fans Find Zombie,

Red Dead Online Fans Find Zombie, Think It’s an Undead Nightmare 2 Tease

Is this a teaser for some thing bigger, or only a glitch?
Ed Dead Online gamers are having extraordinary encounters with zombie

NPCs, fueling speculation that Rockstar Games is gearing up towards an Unread Nightmare-like event in its western MMO.

Red Dead Online players commenced

Red Dead Online players commenced discussing the possibility of a zombie-themed event for Red Dead Online after numerous players suggested seeing a few atypical,

zombie-like NPCs within the swamp region. Reddit consumer groats_active spotted this ghoulish NPC within the swamp,

at the same time as others are claiming there’s a disproportionate quantity of our bodies in the swamp following remaining week’s content update.

Adding gas to the fire is the reality that Halloween is only a little over a month away. Many stay-provider video games like Destiny, Fortnite, and Overwatch host confined-time

Halloween occasions annually.

Halloween occasions annually.So it wouldn’t be not possible for Rockstar Games to be laying the groundwork for some well timed, spooky content.

There’s additionally a actual opportunity that this is another a laugh trojan horse in Red Dead Online’s wild west. We’ve seen system defects that cause horses to just keel over & combust, & a collection of players is already sending expeditions beyond Red Dead Online’s fixed boundaries to find some weird stuff.

Other players claim

Other players claim that they too located the zombie inside the swamp, but that it led to an ambush.

They counseled the corpse become simply only a glitched lure that passed off to be standing upright whilst it shouldn’t have bee
Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online gamers

were inquiring for an Undead Nightmare-fashion growth given that Rockstar’s western turned into released last year.

Undead Nightmare

Undead Nightmare become a variety to the unique Red Dead Redemption that added zombies and different terrible creatures into the wild west for a self-contained expansion.

So there’s already precedent for a zombie-themed content material percent for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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