Realme 3 Pro gets an important update

Shortly after its announcement, the Realme 3 Pro is getting its first OTA update, which is a pretty important one too. It adds super slo-mo video recording and improves overall system stability.

The firmware update weighs only 182MB and it carries a build number RMX1851EX_11_A.12, but April’s security patch is nowhere to be found. However, there are plenty of changes that can keep you warm at night.

For starters, Realme claims that the new update improves the overall clarity of captured photos while the super slo-mo video recording lets you shoot in 960fps. Improved system stability is to be expected as well.

It’s probably going to be a staged rollout so it could take some time before hitting your Realme 3 Pro, but if you don’t wish to wait, Realme is kind enough to provide the image file so you can install it manually from the official website. You will find it at the source link below.

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